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I am a skilled .NET developer with 2 years of experience, I specialize in building high-performance and scalable applications using the latest Microsoft technologies, including .NET Core and Azure.

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Software Developer!

I have been working with I Smart Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. from November 2018 to March 2021, where I was involved in the design, development, testing, and maintenance of web-based client/server applications. During my time at I Smart Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd., I gained hands-on experience in developing web forms using ASP.NET, C#, and .NET Framework. I also worked on designing and developing web applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and was involved in developing systems built on SQL Server 2014 using tables and stored procedures in SQL. As part of my responsibilities, I carried out manual testing and validating work produced as part of the development process. I also have experience building enterprise-level applications using Microsoft technologies, and have worked with Agile Methodology.

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My Services

Web Development

As a .NET developer, I specialize in creating custom applications tailored to your unique business needs. Whether you need a desktop or web-based application, I can work with you to design and develop a solution that meets your requirements. I have experience working with a range of .NET technologies, including ASP.NET, C#, and .NET Core.

Web Design

As a web designer, I specialize in creating visually stunning and functional websites that engage users and deliver an exceptional user experience. With expertise in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I have the skills to create beautiful and intuitive designs that are optimized for usability and performance.

Latest Project

Web Development

A high-performance system that gives Agri-Plantation and Farm operations the freedom to choose, integrate seamlessly, and increase profits with future proofed reliability! With it, companies can create flexible functions while gaining valuable insights.

Web Design

Clone of Netflix using HTML,CSS. Netflix is a subscription-based streaming service that offers a wide variety of TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more to its subscribers

Web Design

Clone of Instagram using HTML,CSS. Instagram is a social media platform where users can share photos and videos, as well as stories, with their followers. It was launched in 2010 and has since become one of the most popular social networking sites, with over one billion monthly active users as of 2021.

Web Design

Clone of Paypal using HTML,CSS,JavaScript,Bootstrap

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HTML 97%

CSS 85%

javascript 60%

Bootstrap 85%

C# 89%

SQL 93%